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051 - Final Fantasy II: Soul of Rebirth (Review)

Greg and Steve guest-host Ultima Final Fantasy to discuss Soul of Rebirth.

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045 - Chrono Trigger pt 2

The Lipstick Panel continues their ranking of the Chrono Trigger OST.

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044 - Chrono Trigger pt 1

The Lipstick Panel discuss the songs on the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. Part 1 of 2.

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027 - Grandia II (Part 2)

Jul 15 , 2018 | Posted by: The Lipstick Panel | Explicit, JRPG, OST, Podcast | 0 Comments

Greg, Steve and Dreamcast Guy continue to talk about the Grandia II OST.

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026 - Grandia II (Part 1)

Greg and Steve rank the songs on the Grandia II OST with DreamcastGuy. Part 1 of 2.

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