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New Podcast!

Jan 15 | Posted by: Greg Troyan

The theatrical rock band, Lipstick, have announced via their “State of the Band” address that they will be creating a weekly podcast called “The Lipstick Panel”. The Lipstick Panel will be a weekly ranking show where the members of the band invite guest panelists to discuss pop culture subjects and rank them alongside the band members. The first episode of the show has been released alongside the State of the Band address.



Announced Episodes:

Episode 1. Ranking the Songs on Kiss - Kiss

Guests: Kyle Hebert (Dragonball Z), Tyson Leslie (Vixen)


Episode 2. Ranking the Episodes of Rick and Morty

Guest: Jace McLain (Nuclear Bubble Wrap)


Episode 3. Ranking the songs on Kiss- Hotter Than Hell

Guests: Joe Palmaccio (4 Time Grammy Award Winner for Mastering, Kiss Remasters), Dee Allen (Tall Dark Stranger)


Episode 4. Ranking the songs on the Final Fantasy I Soundtrack

Guests: Joseph DeGolyer (Ultima Final Fantasy), Kaleb Schweiss (Ultima Final Fantasy)


Other topics in the State of the Band address include:

Greg Troyan's upcoming solo EP

Stephen Smith's new Regdar and the Fighters album

Lipstick II Special Edition

Lipstick III's darker and heavier direction

Greg Troyan's collaboration with Michael Lee Smith of Starz fame


The podcast is being released weekly on iTunes and YouTube.





Lipstick on YouTube:


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