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Lipstick II Update

Feb 22 | Posted by: Greg Troyan

Hey guys! GT here, giving everybody an update on what's going on in the world of Lipstick!


We're currently in the process of recording a brand new album, titled “Lipstick II”. Lipstick II is notable for Lipstick because it's the first album featuring Stephen Smith on bass, the first Lipstick album featuring multiple lead vocalists, the first Lipstick album without a Greg Troyan writing credit on every song, and the first Lipstick album to feature a cover song.


The wealth of material we've gathered for “Lipstick II” is impressive. There are a lot of songs on this album that fans of our live show will certainly know, like:


Cha La Head Cha La- The Japanese Dragonball Z theme song, originally done by Hironobu Kageyama, has been a signature staple of our live set ever since we've played it, and it's one of the few songs that can serve as an encore followup to “Rock N Roll Forever”. Fans have been singing along to it ever since we've started performing the song, and it's a song fans expect to hear at each show. It's only fair that we recorded a proper version of this song so that you can listen to our version wherever you go. The fans asked for it, and we are happy to oblige them.


Stop- You all know this one. The one you can't get out of your head. The one with the fun dance. The one that makes you sing and dance and run to the front of the stage with excitement. “Stop” debuted with my solo project, Greg Troyan Band, but it was always meant to be a Lipstick song. It's another one that has become a staple of our live set, and the response has been overwhelming. The basic studio tracks on this one are sounding great and it will definitely please fans of the live version and will gain us plenty of new ones as well.


Teenage Girlfriend- This is a song from Steve's nerd-rock project, Regdar and the Fighters. It's one of the Regdar classics, a song that Steve plays at pretty much every Regdar show, and upon his joining Lipstick, we realized how great of a song it was and started playing it at almost all of our live shows. It's a great song that showcases the songwriting brilliance of Steve, but also showcases his phenomenal skills as a vocalist. Lipstick fans love this song, so it deserves to be on a Lipstick album.


There will be plenty of other awesome songs on Lipstick II (I don't want to spoil any surprises), but trust me when I say that I am very excited about this album and that Lipstick II will easily surpass Lipstick I. Lipstick I is great, but Lipstick II is shaping up to be even better. You're going to love this one.


Stay tuned for more updates. Check back on the site, follow us on twitter @MrCoolRockNRoll and be sure to Like our Facebook page at https://www.lipstickgeneration.com


As my good friend Mr. Cool says, “Stay Cool!”



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